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We've achieved just short of 500 members since opening and we realized that our space is just too big and we have too much unused space.  So, we decided to expand our current business model to add an additional one hundred members or so.  By opening up these new memberships, it will allow us to expand our services and add equipment by this winter.  The 500 will always continue looking to add even greater value to our facility.  Come see why it matters to be "1 of the 500"!

What about current members?  All 500 Fitness Inc. members (as of 7/10/16) will be grandfathered into our Premium Membership option (reg price $24.95/mo.), regardless of current rate, allowing them unlimited classes and seminars.  See gym for details or with additional questions.

The current WNY gym market is saturated with low cost, low customer service businesses. Most of the local gyms are complete volume based businesses relying on up to 85% of its users to NOT come in, but continue paying their dues. There is minimal individual attention placed on the member, unless there is a sales hook of some kind, such as referrals or personal training sales. There is low accountability on the gym staff to keep members coming in and getting results, just "pay your dues on time."

The volume based gym does not have time for fitness results!

They barely have enough time to keep the gym clean and machines operating on schedule. Some gyms need to pack in members so tight that even when just a small percentage of members are using the facility, there is still over-crowding; this can lead to a disorganized environment. For novice members, this can be intimidating and overwhelming. There are never enough members in this concept, as there shouldn’t be when it’s volume based. More sales equal bigger profits. Unfortunately, it also leads to moderate member retention, limited fitness results, and poor customer service.

The 500 is changing "the business" of gyms and bringing it back to the only thing that matters...YOU!  We are here to help you, challenge you, and give you an environment of success.  We have all styles of training available, including general health & wellness, bodybuilding, cross training, power lifting, sports training, endurance training, and post rehab.  We want to assist you making your workouts more efficient and effective.  Come find out the benefits of training at a private gym where we cater to your needs.  You deserve it!  Are You 1 of The 500?

What Makes 500 Fitness Different:

Limited memberships available
Members can get the attention they deserve and receive help when necessary

A communal environment
No intimidation

Innovative workouts
To help keep members excited to workout and always learning new skills and training styles

Open environment
Members can train movement, balance, flexibility, along with traditional strength training and cardio

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Don't miss out! Rates starting at $9.95/mo.!

No Contracts - No Annual or Mainenance Fees - No Salespeople


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